Clayton Shares Insights

Adam Clayton U2 / Mark Peterson/U2TOURFANS

Adam Clayton U2 / Mark Peterson/U2TOURFANS

New York:   Now Adam sits down with Rolling Stone. The full court press marketing machine is up and running. U2' has the best publicist team around. Creating opportunities for the boys to get the word out and share their views on the upcoming tour, the last tour and well yes the new album. Andy Greene captured a couple of great talking points and got some answers that have been in the minds of U2 fans. 

The boys like touring and playing music live. This summer should be a blast for most fans. No word on Latin America, however, you can see the on-line support grow to request a Latin/South America tour.

I&E Tour was to extend into 2016. However, the challenges of the new album and the idea of pivoting towards Songs of Experience proved to be a bit more challenging than expected. Throw in some world events as Brexit and Donald Trump and you a recipe for some new songs, maybe some activism. Could the album be ready this year? Well maybe.

Tomorrow we will cover the Joshua Tree tour and what we could expect. As well as the one question Andy asked Adam that happened to be on our minds too.

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